SI139 - Signal Isolator

Product Diagram

The SI139 converts DC current or volts to DC signals, and features:

  • Input up to 2kVdc and 10Adc.
  • Input options for AC current & voltage up to 500V span and true rms (not sine wave).
  • Input options for bi-polar dc current & voltage.
  • Output up to 18Vdc or 50mAdc.
  • 2000Vrms isolation.
  • Designed for single (factory set) input/output combinations.
  • Front adjustments for span and zero.
  • All common AC or DC supplies.
  • Sensor excitation.
  • Options include adder/subtractor, min/max select, track & hold, peak-hold and ratio adjust.

Common applications include:

  • Signal conversion of DC signals.
  • Prevention of ground and current loops.
  • Protection from dangerous floating voltages.
  • Filter of common mode noise.



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