SL339 - Signal Isolator

Product Diagram

The SL339 is a software configurable isolating converter providing true 3-way galvanic isolation up to 2500Vrms for standard process signals. The programming socket is under the front door flap. The COA703 USB isolator is used with the SL300 Windows software to display real time input output and calibration parameters. Key features of the SL339;

  • Small 12.4mm case size.
  • Wide range AC/DC power supplies.
  • 15 Input ranges and 11 output ranges.
  • Precision digital measurement and digital to analogue output after the isolation barrier. This removes all errors associated with the isolation process and ensures faster input to output response.
  • Input linearisation.
  • User engineering units and scaling.
  • Supply for power loop input devices.
  • Reverse and direct acting output.
  • Output signal limiting.
  • Input filter for fast or slow response time.

SL339-XA variant of SL339-X0.

  • The SL345 replaces the SL339-XA. The SL345 has a slightly different input connection to allow the additional current input ranges.

The SL339 A version operates with bipolar and ac voltage input signals. The user can select from the 11 output ranges with input shape control and output signal limits. One of the 12 input ranges is automatically set base on the entered input range.

The bipolar ranges allow input measurements below zero which allows the process output to respond to an extended range of signals. The response time may be set using the 25mS/400mS Fast/Slow switch.

The ac ranges take multiple readings while detecting the zero crossing of the signal. After a complete cycle the ac value is calculated. This results in accurate amplitude measurement without ripple on signals as slow as 0.1Hz. As a new measurement is available after each input cycle the system response is quicker as the frequency increases. The “Sample Time” setting sets the fastest output update time, multiple readings are averaged. Slow measurements will update at selected sample time or cycle period if longer.

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Power Supply 10-60Vdc / 16-42V 50/60Hz
Functionality Configure with SL30 S/W

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