PLS257 - Pulse Splitter

Product Diagram

The PLS257 is for applications where a pulse is required to be isolated, re-powered and repeated on two separate outputs (splitting) up to a maximum frequency of 100kHz.

The output pulse width is adjustable (PW) to provide pulse stretching where the input pulse is very short. Input signals of various types or from a variety of sensors can be accommodated:

  • Low level ac, sine waves as produced by coil-type pick up (min 500mVpp).
  • Low level pulse, any wave shape having a consistent frequency pattern (500mVpp up to 20Vpp).
  • DC pulse, (200mVpp up to 50Vpp).
  • NAMUR proximity sensor or pulsing contact - the sensor is directly connected to the PLS257 as the module provides the 8Vdc auxiliary supply.
  • All types of 3-wire proximity sensors, optical sensors or any devices with NPN/PNP open collector transistor output requiring 5-24Vdc auxiliary supply at 20mA maximum.

A pulse with a DC offset can also be accommodated using the front mounted “TR” or trigger level adjustment. The level of OUT1 (when ordered as pulse source) is set using a top accessible trim pot close to the power plug. The level of OUT2 (when ordered as pulse source) is set using the front accessible “AMP” trim pot.

The module output is indicated by a front mounted LED which provides clear indication of module function and frequency output. The PLS257 provides galvanic isolation up to 1500Vdc between input, both outputs and supply circuitry.

RF and power transient protections are standard as it is with all APCS modules. A wide range ac/dc power supply is available in two variations 10-60Vdc / 16-48V 50/60Hz or 60-160Vdc / 48-150V 50/60Hz.



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